About Us


We are a group of technology enthusiasts with one goal in mind, to optimize the path for businesses on their digital transformation journey. From the beginning, Floms has focused on transforming the way businesses are run by enabling them to use the latest technology to grow and offer a better experience to their customers.


Whether you are thinking about adding a new feature to your existing software, building a custom application from scratch, aggregating information by integrating with third-party applications, using automation to enhance business processes, or any of your wildest dreams related to software/technology, odds are that we can help and guide you build it. We use our experience and expertise to find the right solution with the right budget and timeline to help you achieve your goals.

Our team of experts has experience working with large Fortune 500 companies that have access to the best tools available in the market and we can get you access to the same tools for a fraction of the cost. With the advancement in Open Source and Cloud computing, it has never been easier for small/medium-size businesses to take advantage of capabilities only available to large corporations a few years ago.


There is a lot of talent out there and sometimes it’s hard to stand out in the crowd but we are confident in our unique approach to working with our customers. Our commitment to our core values of Innovation, Individuality, and Integrity alongside our focus on strategic functional areas of Cloud, Automation, Data, and Cybersecurity makes us different in a very competitive and crowded space.

Our flexibility allows us to work with any business, whether you are a small Mom-and-Pop business, a medium-size business with dozens of employees, or a large Fortune 500 company with thousands of employees; we are here to help you realize your goals.



Things are always changing and so are we. We are always looking for new technologies and solutions that would help us drive value and growth to our clients.


Each individual and business is unique and has different needs; we embrace that diversity and personalize our solutions to your specific needs.


Our commitment to truth is certain, we will tell you the truth even if it means we won’t win your business; having an honest relationship with our clients is our primary goal.